Rickie Lea Owens Handmade Cartoons for Online Audiences

Date(s): Nov 22nd 2008
Nov 29th 2008
Dec 6th 2008
Dec 13th 2008
Jan 10th 2009
Saturday, Jan 17th 2009, 3:30 PM


Handmade Cartoons for Online Audiences

© Rickie Lea Owens 2008

In this workshop, participants will create animations using classical techniques and finish in digital video formats intended for web viewing. Drawn, puppet and replacement animation will mingle with the variety of presentation options available through the digital mediums: screen sizes, playback possibilites, and means for online diffusion will be covered.


  • Frame Thief: free animation software that allows static images to be taken from live video feed and compile them into a Quicktime movie;
  • iMovie: easy-to-use video editing program with simple sound recording capabilities;
  • Final Cut Pro: widely-used video editing suite;
  • After Effects: used to create special effects.
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Handmade Cartoons for Online Audiences

© Rickie Lea Owens 2008

Rickie Lea Owens makes quick and squeaky cartoons that have been screened in Canada, the United States, Macedonia, Poland, Germany and Holland.