Journées de la culture 2012

© S. Bélanger and J. Brouillard, 2012

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© S. Bélanger and J. Brouillard, 2012

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Journées de la culture 2012

September 29, 2012 1-5 pm

1 pm: Artist talk with Steffie Bélanger and Josée Brouillard (in French)
2:30 pm: Commented visit of Auto/Pathographies with the curator Tamar Tembeck (in French with bilingual Q & A)
4 pm: Sing along with Chœur Maha

1 pm – Artist Talk with Steffie Bélanger and Josée Brouillard (in French), recipients of the Caisse populaire Desjardins of Mont-Royal Young New Media Artists Award (Studio 01)
The two artists will discuss Résonance visuelle, a sculptural and interactive video installation that came into being through a collaboration exploring sound as a way of conceptualizing visually. The project aims to build an silent environment that symbolizes sound in an ironic way. A multimedia artist that works with human psychology and a sculptor who brings life to still lifes have joined forces to realize a project that brings together the object and the human body. Using programming and audio sensors, the viewer's voice is transformed into video that is then projected in the presentation space. The work presents sound as a sensorial experience where the approaches of the two artists allow technology to unite with matter.

2:30 pm – Commented visit of Auto/Pathographies (in French with bilingual Q & A), with the curator Tamar Tembeck (exhibition galleries)
Through the media of photography, performance and video, the group exhibition Auto/Pathographies addresses questions of identity and (self-)representation in the face of illness. Bringing together works from artists based in Canada, the U.S., Britain and Austria, produced from the 1990s until today, the exhibition offers both sensitive and critical perspectives on the roles played by disease in redefining individual existences and interpersonal relations.

4 pm – Sing along with Chœur Maha (hall of the art galleries)
For les Journées de la culture, the choir invites the public to join them in a choral experience with fun pieces, including Meredith Monk's Panda Chant. The activity will take place in the open hall of OBORO’s art galleries, situated at suite 301.

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Josée Brouillard

Josée Brouillard is a media artist. She earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Concordia University (2012) and, prior to this, a DEC in Theatre Production (Collège Lionel-Groulx) and in Photography (Cégep du Vieux-Montréal), where she began exploring lighting and staging. Her education has led her to explore materials and lighting (and light as material) though the use of various modes of transmission and display technologies. She pushes the limits of video by deconstructing its communication devices and re-envisioning the experience of the viewer, always keeping the body present as a source of the image. She has presented her work in Montreal (OBORO, Studio XX, International Digital Art Biennial (BIAN), Eastern Bloc) and abroad (InShadow Festival in Lisbon, Portugal). In addition to her work as an artist, Brouillard works as a multimedia technician in local artist-run centres and is a board member of Eastern Bloc. She lives and works in Montreal.

Steffie Bélanger

Born in Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines in 1989, Steffie Bélanger is completing a BFA in Studio Arts (major in sculpture) at Concordia University. Her sculptures revisit the medium’s traditional materials as well as some of its mechanical subtleties. She is a board member of the artists’ centre Praxis Art Actuel and of the Concordia Sculpture Association.

Tamar Tembeck

Tamar Tembeck is a performing artist and independent curator who holds a PhD in Art History. Her academic research primarily engages with visual cultures of illness and medicine, hospital art practices, as well as performance and media studies. Trained in dance and physical theatre, Tamar has performed in Quebec and the United States, as well as in France, Spain, England, Switzerland and Mexico. As a curator, her projects include the group exhibition Auto/Pathographies, shown at the Kunstpavillon (Innsbruck) and at OBORO (Montréal), documented in a 2014 publication with Sagamie édition d’art. Since 2012, she has been working within an interdisciplinary media studies research hub at McGill University.

Chœur Maha

Choeur Maha was founded in 1991 by composer/performer Kathy Kennedy and visual artist Su Schnee. The choir has delighted audiences for two decades with their creative repertoire, singing in as many languages and styles as possible, from Hildegard von Bingen to Hildegard Westerkamp, from Mozart to Madonna - and often incorporating a healthy dose of electroacoustic music for good measure. Choeur Maha is well known for its support of women’s organizations throughout Montreal: their annual performances for the École Polytechnique anniversary as well as International Women's Day are presented to wide audiences with profits going to women’s shelters and support groups. Maha has produced some of the city’s most memorable musical interventions and guerrilla performances incorporating technology and social commentary. From the large scale sonic installation Never/Always, performed outdoors at Place des Arts with over 100 participants, to more intimate surprise performances in the corridors at City Hall, Maha continually turns heads.