La Couvée

© S. Pablo

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© S. Pablo

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La Couvée

Immersive installation / Performance

Thursday, November 15, 2012 at 4 pm, 6:30 pm and 8 pm

Tickets available at the door
8$ (4$ with the festival pass) – general admission

presented at OBORO as part of the festival HTMlles 10: Risky Business

How strong was her love for her spawn? Let me tell you. When the girl child was taken from her, such a dark cloud descended that she lashed out with the strength of a desperate army. Anger blotting out the sun; fields set afire with her spark of her mad gaze. Her cries ripped trees from their roots; every bloom, every bud withered from the kill of her hateful eye. In her wake, the fields lay barren and fallow and that is how winter was born.

In her life span thus far, Alexis O'Hara has produced roughly 438 eggs. Not a one has, or will, become offspring. For this immersive installation/performance, the audience enters a giant egg sac. Inside, they witness a booming, pulsating meditation on the lifecycles of mortals, aliens, and gods alike - a visceral and contemporary interpretation of the commodification of women's fertility.

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Alexis O’Hara

Alexis O’Hara is an interdisciplinary artist based in Montreal. Her practice exploits allegories of the human voice via electronic improvisation, video and sound installation. In 2003, she began an exploration of interactive documentary performance with the project Subject to Change, followed by The Sorrow Sponge, works that involved wearable electronics, direct interaction with her audience and live mixing of field recordings. In 2010, her second album, Ellipsis appeared on &records. Her eclectic performances have been presented in a variety of contexts in Slovenia, Austria, Mexico, Germany, Spain, The United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Belgium and across Canada and the US. She has shared the stage with such diverse artists as Diamanda Galàs, Ursula Rucker, Henri Chopin and TV on the Radio. SQUEEEEQUE, her first sound installation, has been presented in Berlin, Paris, Lille, The Hague, Calgary, Casablanca and Montreal. Alexis and her drag king alter-ego, Guizo LaNuit, are mainstays of the Montreal cabaret scene.