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With Stéphane Claude, Leonel Vasquez and Sarah Williams

June 21 - 28, 2014

Master Classes
June 23, 24, 25 & 26, 2014

June 30 - July 11, 2014

nigamon/tunai masterclass
Registration fee: 40 $
Prerequisites: The workshop is open to professional artists and individuals with experience in creative processes, visual arts, media arts and/or performance.
Schedule: June 23, 24, 25, 26, 9 to 11 am
Space is limited; please register by June 19, 2014 by emailing with the subject header nigamon/tunai masterclass, or by phone at 514 844 320, ext. 230.
The workshop convenors will be communication in English, French and Spanish.

Part of Encuentro IX by Hemispheric Institute


nigamon/tunai from OBORO on OBOROmobile.

Masterclass description
Inga (Amazon/Colombia) artist Waira Nina and Anishinaabe (Québec/Canada) artist Emilie Monnet come together to pursue the development of their interdisciplinary performance collaboration, nigamon/tunai.

The 3-day workshop will cover the cross-cultural techniques that Nina and Monnet have devised together as a way of bridging indigenous women’s teachings from North and South America.  Nina and Monnet use the study of colour, field recording and the sharing of songs and stories as a means of exploring and bridging linguistic and cultural differences to make manifest the invisible world of their ancestors.  Their investigation of colour has allowed them to develop a common language outside of the constraints of Anishinaabemowin, Inga Kichwa, Spanish, French or English. Together with sound artists Stéphane Claude and Leonel Vasquez, and choreographer Sarah Williams, they will guide participants through a master class deploying OBORO’s production studio, portable recording devices and the expertise from the audio and multimedia sectors.

This masterclass is an opportunity for participants to experiment with concrete processes and equipment to make the unknowable manifest. It is a rare occasion to engage in discourses and actions with the guidance of highly experienced artists and teachers.

These activities coincide with the conference, Manifest! Choreographing Social Movements in the Americas, the 9th International Encuentro of Performance and Politics in the Americas, to be hosted by Concordia University.

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Émilie Monnet

Intergrating theatre, performance art and technology, Émilie Monnet’s artistic practice explores themes of identity, memory, co-existence and transformation. In 2016, Émilie founded Indigenous Contemporary Scene (ICS), a critical and artistic manifestation of live-arts by indigenous artists. Its last edition took place in Montreal, from June 1 to 9, 2017. Émilie’s heritage is Anishnaabe and French, and she lives in Montreal. Her artistic engagement is inspired by years of social activism with indigenous organizations in Canada and Latin America as well as community art projects with incarcerated women and Aboriginal youth.

Waira Nina

Waira Nina is an interdisciplinary artist, writer and cultural policy advisor for the Inga Nation.  As a founder of the Yachaikury Educative Institution and an inheritor of the ambiwaska traditional ceremonies passed on to her by her grandparents, Nina possesses a wealth of knowledge that has assisted in the official recognition of Inga territories and the creation of a Pan-Amazonian radio network in the Inga language.  In correlation with her ongoing study of ancestral traditions, Nina has written a book, Life is but a Vision, to be published in English and Spanish this year and she has composed sound art for the Amazon Intercultural Radios Network and for a disk entitled, laboratorio inquitos, in collaboration with other artists from Colombia, Peru and Ecuador.

Stéphane Claude

Stéphane Claude is an electronic_acoustic composer and sound engineer. His research is based on integrating a conceptual and physiological framework of audio recording and sound installation for different diffusion contexts in the electronic arts. His interests gravitate around the communication of a formal aesthetics, as transductive experiences of the electronic medium, the exploration of digital signal processing, the parameters of acoustics and sound in spaces. His work has been published by ATAK(JP), LINE, DRAGON’S EYE RECORDINGS (US), ORAL (CA), among others. He is the co-founder of the art research unit Ælab with artist and professor Gisèle Trudel. The work of Ælab has been shown internationally.  As an audio consultant, he participates in the conception, production and integration of presentation spaces, of specialized analog and digital creation and production studios for artist run centers, institutions and independant sites. 

Leonel Vasquez

Colombian artist Leonel Vasquez holds a Masters of visual and plastic arts from the National University of Colombia, where he developed a proposal for sound dimension, through sculptures, installations, videos and facts, also exploring the states of tension between spaces, architectures, bodies and voices as main components of reflection of his work. His research interests for creation is marked by the irruption of absences, which have shaped to plastic temporary constructions, allowing the approach to the fragility of life and its proximity to the duel in a poetic way. His work has been presented in many events associated with mix media and sound art as “Colon Electrónico Ciclo Eventos Visuales Sonoros Contemporáneos” (2003), the Colombian sound art exhibitions “Sonare” (Mambo 2010) and densities (U. Andes 2011), at fairs ARTBO Art (2006), La Otra (2007), Tectonic (2009) and in public and private galleries like Santa Fe Gallery (2006), El Nogal Gallery (2010), L.A Gallery (2010), Diapason Gallery (2010). Leonel is a recipient of many awards and recognitions for his artistic work such as in the V Bienal Asab Material y Pensamiento Sonoro en el II y IV Salón de Egresados ASAB (Universidad Distrital Francisco Jose de Caldas), additionally a recognition for academic achievement: honorable mentions in his thesis “Muertes Vivas”( National University of Colombia), and received his honors degree for his Thesis “sonorous Architecture” (University District Francisco Jose de Caldas). For the last three years Leonel has been working as a professor and researcher at the National University of Colombia in the Sound Art Department. He also directs the project Coello and Combeima, a space for reflection and experimentation around Colombia on sonic creation and under the program of Laboratories of Research Creation from the Ministry of Culture of Colombia.

Sarah Williams

After dancing for several leading choreographers and companies in Vancouver, Sarah Williams moved to Montreal to join La La La Human Steps in 1990. Since then we have seen her on stage, in art galleries and in film, performing in the works of prominent directors and choreographers like Robert Lepage, Jean Pierre Perreault, Martin Faucher, Léa Pool, Claude Fournier, and Nelson Henricks. Sarah has been a guest artist in Halifax and back in Vancouver with The Holy Body Tattoo and Joe Ink and in Montreal with George Stamos and Louise Bédard Danse. She has collaborated with Welsh performance artist Eddie Ladd, with photographer Cylla Von Tiedemann and with peripatetic artist Don Gill on The New Flâneurs exhibit.  Sarah has also choreographed for performance and video, (frequently collaborating with musician/composer Jackie Gallant). Several of their Works have toured nationally and internationally. On three separate occasions Sarah has commissioned, co‐produced and performed full evenings of work: "Caught Looking" (2000), "Gender Trilogy" (2002) and "Ici est toujours ailleurs" (2010).  She is now collaborating with theatre artist Marie Brassard, video artist Sabrina Ratté and again with Jackie Gallant on a new work called "Moving in this Word". It will premiere in Montreal as part of the Temps d'images Festival 2014.