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© Paul Litherland, 2009

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August 21 – September 4, 2013

Following her residence, Nicole Gingras will write an essay for the magazine esse arts + opinion.

The article is now available on Esse's website

As part of the program Writing Audio Art offered by esse arts + opinions and OBORO


Based on her experience as both curator and spectator, Nicole Gingras considers the ways in which some artists occupy and modify the exhibition space. Among the works discussed, Gingras reflects on some work by Berlin artist Rolf Julius, referring in particular to the exhibition she curated Rolf Julius – Distance and presented at OBORO in September 2009.

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Nicole Gingras

Nicole Gingras is a curator and author living in Montreal. This exhibition of Rolf Julius’ work ties into her research on the perception and experience of sound in space, and the relationships between sound, image and silence.