Yves Bourgeois Stereoscopy: history, theory, artisanal practices

Date(s): Jan 30 to 31, 2014

Pedagogical Assistant: Aaron Pollard


Stereoscopy: history, theory, artisanal practices

Workshop on January 30-31 and February 1, 2015, from 1 pm to 6 pm and on February 6-8, 2015, from 1 pm to 6 pm *

* Please contact us if these times still do not work for you: 514 844-3250, ext. 230 or lab@oboro.net

Stereoscopy has been deployed for decades in gaming and popular cinema to augment a feeling of immersion in a promise to provide hyper-real experiences for the masses. Independent artists looking to create their own stereoscopic works often find the tools of the trade to be inaccessible.

Nevertheless artisanal practices among artists have emerged in parallel to the research, experiments and products of the commercial cinema and gaming industries. In recent years, electronics manufacturers have offered a larger selection of production equipment and software destined for professional, industrial and consumer markets. Concurrently some important progress has occurred within independent cinema and in certain research centres affiliated with academic and artistic communities.

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Stereoscopy: history, theory, artisanal practices

Yves Bourgeois is a Montreal-based media artist focusing on sound and video art. He works in different platforms: from single channel, to installation, to live audio-visual performances. He breaks down the audiovisual signal in the hopes of creating and incorporating any unexpected results from the “errors” that result from this process. He pays particular attention to the relationship between image and sound, and the physiological processes involved in assimilating these inputs.


Aaron Pollard is a multidisciplinary artist from Montreal who has been producing and presenting video art and multimedia performances since the early 1990s. His works have been shown in Canada and abroad. He studied at the Emily Carr University of Art and Design and Concordia University, where he completed an MFA. He is the co-founder of 2boys.tv as well as researcher and head of OBORO’s multimedia sector.