The transmission of Yvonne Rainer's Trio A by Sara Wookey

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The transmission of Yvonne Rainer's Trio A by Sara Wookey


October 3-7, 2011 at Studio 303

October 9 at Bain Saint-Michel

in collaboration with VIVA! Art Action and Studio 303

Joining VIVA! for the first time, OBORO invited curator Sarah Watson to propose a project about performance and archive. Watson is bringing to Montreal American performer and choreographer Sara Wookey to give a transmission of Yvonne Rainer's piece Trio A. Wookey is one of four people certified by Rainer to teach this piece from 1966 and ensure its longevity.

From October 3 to 7 at Studio 303, American performer and choreograher Sara Wookey will guide participants in the re-construction and preservation of Yvonne Rainer's historical performance work Trio A.

Show at VIVA!
Sunday, October 9, at 5:30 pm, at Bain Saint-Michel, curator Sarah Watson will give a conference entitled Yvonne Rainer – Performance, Preservation and Pedagogy, during which she will explore Yvonne Rainer's work, its influence on current performance practices, and the artist's unique approach to preserving dance works for the future.

At 8 pm, Sara Wookey will be presenting Trio A, possibly with some of the workshop participants, at Viva! Art Action Festival on Sunday, October 9.

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Yvonne Rainer

Yvonne Rainer is a key figure of the 1960s minimalist dance movement. Her work with Judson Dance Theater and her experimentations with movement defined a new language of physical movement that focused on the familiar gesture in performance.

Sara Wookey

Sara Wookey is a dancer, choreographer and multi-disciplinary artist based in Los Angeles, California. From 1996-2006 she was based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands where she created over a dozen evening-length dance-theater works and taught at the Amsterdam School for the Arts. Since relocating to the United States in 2006 to earn her Master of Fine Arts degree from the Department of World Arts and Cultures at the University of California in Los Angeles, her work has grown to include site-based projects and social practices in collaboration with visual artists, architects and urban planners. Her work has been presented nationally at Links Hall in Chicago, the Hammer Museum and REDCAT in Los Angeles. She is a certified teacher of Yvonne Rainer's seminal dance work Trio A (1963) and teaches at the California Institute of the Arts, University of California, Irvine and California State University Long Beach.

Sarah Watson

Sarah Watson is an arts educator and curator living in Montreal. She is currently a doctoral fellow and a part-time faculty member at Concordia University in Montreal. Recent projects include Stateless Nation, a research-based exhibition and colloquium with artists / architects Alessandro Petti and Sandi Hilal in Savona, Italy in 2010, and Living Time, a pedagogical project and exhibition comprised of the selected archives of Tehching Hsieh's One Year Performances and the filmed performances of Guido van der Werve at DHC / ART in Montreal (2009). From 1996 to 2009 Watson taught art history at the Univeristià degli Studi in Bologna and created and oversaw education and public programs for arts institutions in Europe and Canada. She currently oversees Public Programs at the McCord Museum in Montreal. Her doctoral research examines the relationship between performance works and archival images.