Jocelyn Robert Vermeer

Date(s): Oct 14th 2000 5:00 PM


Jocelyn Robert, Vermeer, 1996

Presented as part of para-zones, an event celebrating the 100th issue of Parachute magazine

“When cinema started there were no Dolby Surround, no Cinemascope, no synchronization of special effects. The film was driven by hand as was the projection. It’s unthinkable nowadays. But since this is just the beginning of computer-based art, we can probably start all over again. In any event, this is what I am proposing to do. Make manual digital video with images inspired from the Dutch master.” Jocelyn Robert

Jocelyn Robert, Vermeer, 1996

Jocelyn Robert is a multidisciplinary artist. In addition to his recording productions, he has produced performances, radio shows as well as sound tracks for video and theatre. Robert lives and works in Québec City.