Vestigial Manoeuvres

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© Latitude 53, 2014

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Vestigial Manoeuvres

January 30 – March 12, 2016

Saturday, January 30 at 5 pm

Donate your trinkets
Monday to Friday, 10 am-5 pm
January 5-22


I am primarily interested in the illusory experience of the constructed environment. I collect and use many of the objects and trinkets made available by consumer industries. My practice has primarily been engaging in an organic, push-and-pull process of adding, removing, or combining elements of the objects, blending binary positions and creating dissonance, casting doubt on any single viewpoint. This process is intended to find ways the work can be located between the subjective and the objective, between the personal and the impersonal; one where a decipherable narrative is absent and the viewer is left to read the work on a purely experiential level.

I will be creating a new work on-site using previously owned objects collected from local thrift shops. I will look for patterns and a general aesthetic sensibility within the Montreal context, and drawing upon those to develop a new growing form. By January 22, Montrealers are encouraged to interact by bringing their own decorative objects to be permanently incorporated into the installation, directly influencing the direction of the work.

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Shyra De Souza

Shyra De Souza is an interdisciplinary artist based in Calgary. She attended the Sculpture department at the Alberta College of Art & Design where she earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts with distinction in 2006. As well as maintaining an artistic studio practice, she has undertaken several volunteer administration and board roles within the arts community, and has been awarded a number of grants and residencies.  In early 2014 she attended the Re:Making residency at the Banff Centre lead by Peter von Tiesenhaussen.  Her range of work is mainly composed of sculpture, installation works, as well as animated film, but sometimes also leads to collage and drawing works. Her work has screened/exhibited across Canada, in the United States, and Europe.