Goji Hamada BODY AND TIME: Allegory at Bee Honey Honeycomb

Date(s): Apr 23rd 1993 9:00 PM


© Goji Hamada, 1993


In collaboration with the Canada Council Touring Office and the Japan-Canada Fund, OBORO presents BODY AND TIME: Allegory at Bee Honey Honeycomb, a performance by Japanese artist Goji Hamada. Hamada bas been active on the Japanese and international performance network since the Jate 60s. In recent years be bas undertaken some major installation and performance projects. He is interested in communication with animais, the use of bis own body, shamanistic actions and collaboration with tribal peoples. His pieces range in scale from intimate low-tech solos to elaborate operas involving musicians, singers and installation. As well as maintaining a busy touring schedule, Hamada is the organizer of an annual performance festival in Kyoto. This year be is the subject of a retrospective exhibition at the Perth Institute of Contemporary Art in Australia and will participate in the alternative documenta in Kassel.

© Goji Hamada, 1993