Seibi Watanabe De nature éphémère

Date(s): Jun 14th 1993


calligraphie : Suiha Hiroko Okata

Panel discussion presented at La Centrale, with Thérèse Chabot, Helen Sebelius, Laura-Keir Vickerson, Seibi Watanabe and Lorraine Simms.

Concurrent to the presentation of Seibi Watanabe’s ikebana work at OBORO and the exhibition Le Jardin manifeste at La Centrale, the two centres will present a panel discussion entitled De nature éphémère. The panelists, consisting of Thérèse Chabot, Helen Sebelius, Laura-Keir Vickerson and Seibi Watanabe, are artists who use plants or images of plants in their practice. Lorraine Simms, curator for Le Jardin manifeste, will act as moderator.

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calligraphie : Suiha Hiroko Okata

Seibi Watanabe is a Montreal artist of Japanese origin. Fifty years after her discovery of ikebana (traditional Japanese floral arrangement), her passion for this art ha not diminished. She belongs to the Sogetsu School, founded in 1926 by the ikebana master Sofu Teshigahara.

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