Official Opening of New Media Lab

Date(s): Sep 12th 2004
Sep 13th 2004


Official Opening of New Media Lab

Cocktail and Open House

The New Media Lab offers a wide variety of facilities and professional resources to artists and producers of all disciplines for research, production and dissemination activities relying on media arts and new technologies. The Lab proposes forays into the realms of digital imaging, video, audio, 3D, multimedia, web, Internet, telecommunications, and immersive technologies such as VR, robotics or networking.

Our facilities include a 1,000-square-foot studio, equipped with a 180-degree curved wall, a 360-degree sliding curtain and professional lighting equipment, a 5.1 audio mastering suite, two independently isolated recording studios on floating floors, including one with variable acoustics, two experimentation and post-production studios, a range of input-output computer and audiovisual devices equipment, and streaming services for those wishing to organize on- line events. Workshops are also offered throughout the year.

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Official Opening of New Media Lab