Paisley Gabriel Angel Patrick Harrop Maxime de la Rochefoucauld Jean-Marc Lebel Pelthead International Conspiracy Theory

Date(s): Apr 3 1993, 8:00 pm


Pelthead International Conspiracy Theory

Photo © Liliane Hess, 1993

Performance / Concert

Formed in New York, now in Canada, Pelthead International Conspiracy Theory invades its space and charges it with various schools of thought, utilizing junk electronics and projected visuals into an atmosphere filled with musical chaos and imaginary trips. A must see for those who feel they are possessed.

Pelthead International Conspiracy Theory

Photo © Liliane Hess, 1993

Paisley: Co-founder of the Purple Institution (Toronto) and Gargoyle Mechanique Laboratory (NYC). Now resides in Toronto, attempts pulse rhythm drone and likes to spend bis spare time in bed.

Gabriel Angel: Co-founder of recording label Strange Nursery and the XIPHOTEK Artists Collective. Now living in Montréal. Blends electronics and sound reminiscent of musique concrète and finds sleep a waste of time.

Patrick Harrop explores music with found sounds. Also known to be an architect.

Maxime de la Rochefoucauld: works with the notion that ”sound doesn’t have a leg to stand on” (Cage).

Jean-Marc Lebel: works with light and insists that everything we see is made possible through light.