Juan Jose Díaz Infante Francine Royer (Calq, QC) Ayeh Naraghi (UNESCO) David Panton (Acme Studios, UK) Sebastien Sanz de Santamaria (Residency Unlimited, NY) Naomi Beckwith (Studio Museum in Harlem, NY) Pierre Beaudoin, moderator PLAY: How to Eat a Chair, Life as Art, Art as a Game

Date(s): Oct 9 2010, 3:00 pm


PLAY: How to Eat a Chair, Life as Art, Art as a Game

OBORO welcomes Mexican artist, curator and cultural activist Juan José Díaz Infante to Montreal for 2010 Res Artis Conference.

As part of his performance, Díaz Infante will demonstrate how to eat a chair as he speaks of different ways of making art today. Audience will be encouraged to try.

Play informs Juan José Díaz Infante’s work, be it his OBORO performance, or his participation at the Res Artis Conference. In this spirit, the artist organized the multidisciplinary festival Play! in Mexico City last Spring. With a nod to former chess players Marcel Duchamp, Bobby Fischer and Che Guevara, Juan José Díaz Infante conceives of play as a way of knowing and as an opportunity for meetings, but also as a keen starting point for creative endeavors.

PLAY: How to Eat a Chair, Life as Art, Art as a Game

Transdisciplinary artist and curator, Juan Jose Díaz Infante is a communications and technology consultant for several companies, institutions and governments. In 1997 and 2000, he worked for IFE, Electoral Institute, to conceptualize the country’s first democratic elections in 60 years. In 2008, he worked for Tata Consulting, transistioning to Open Source Software for the IMSS, Mexican Social Security Institute (the largest client of microsoft in Latin America).