CyberPowWow 04 Unnatural Resources

Date(s): May 1 to 2 2004


© Fragnito, 2001

curators: Skawennati Tricia Fragnito & Jason E. Lewis

guest artists: Rosalie Favell, Greg A. Hill, Ryan Johnston & Archer Pechawis

For these two days, OBORO and other Gathering Sites across Turtle Island and the world will invite the public to join the simultaneous, distributed, interactive Internet event known as CyberPowWow 04. Community members will log into a combination chatspace, virtual gallery and library that explores issues of contemporary Aboriginal art, technology and community.

© Fragnito, 2001

Skawennati Tricia Fragnito is an artist, writer and independent curator who creates projects for the World Wide Web because she believes it is an extraordinary art delivery system. Check out <> for more info.


Jason E. Lewis is a digital media artist and technologist interested in creating innovative forms of expression and the technology to support them. Visit <> to explore his projects.