Neam Cathod Curator: Andrée Duchaine Cyber_mondrian

Date(s): May 12 to Jun 10 2001



Cyber_mondrian is an audio-visual installation which uses cerebral waves as a compositional tool. The work can be seen as an homage to the celebrated abstract painter Piet Mondrian. In fact, Cyber_mondrian presents vivid coloured squares and white lines on a black surface. The synthetic forms are produced here by cerebral activities originating in the frontal lobe of the interactor. The result is an abstract minimal piece where viewers become the creators of the artwork unfolding before them.


Neam Cathod is the founding member of DEI (Départementd’Entraînement à l’Insanité) [Department for the Training of theInsane], a group of artists working in media arts and producing installations, videos and performances since 1986. Cathod has been working in the arts milieu since 1977, first as an electro-acoustic composer and since 1982 as a video and multimedia artist. His works are presented internationally in exhibitions and festivals. Since 1991 he has been a professor and researcher in the field of interactive multimedia at t he Department of Communications at UQÀM.