Paul Landon Commissaire : Mario Côté Paul Landon

Date(s): Nov 6 to Dec 12 1999


Paul Landon

Paul Landon, vue de l’installation, Carrefour, 1999. Courtoisie de l’artiste

Big Room
Le départ de la fiction : trois installations

Small Room
Images paysagères
Sélection de vidéos (1987-1999) de Paul Landon
Presented in collaboration with Vidéographe

Vernissage on Saturday, November 6, at 2 pm

Le départ de la fiction reflects on the intricate complexity of the urban landscape. Three complementary installations make up the exhibition. Carrefour, a five-monitor video installation, reconstructs, with moving text, a busy city intersection. Coloured letters, describing the passing vehicles, crawl across the screens in real-time. Vitrines I is a large audio installation that evokes the shop windows (vitrines) along a busy commercial street. One hears voices relating the movement of people and vehicles in the street and on the sidewalks outside the shops. Vitrines II, a video installation for two projectors, also takes the form of a shop window. Rear projected images present the non-stop circulation of pedestrians and cars on a busy street in the late afternoon. As a counterpoint to the three new installations, artist and author Mario Côté has selected single channel works produced between 1987 and 1999 by Paul Landon. He has also written the text for the brochure accompanying the video exhibition.

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Paul Landon

Paul Landon, vue de l’installation, Carrefour, 1999. Courtoisie de l’artiste

Paul Landon has been producing experimental videotapes since 1984 and sound and video installations since 1988. He completed a graduate programme in Time Based Arts at the Jan van Eyck Academy in the Netherlands and a Master’s degree in Media Studies at Concordia University in Montréal. Landon’s videotapes have been shown around the world and he has recently exhibited his installations in Mexico City, Montréal and in Basel, Switzerland.

Mario Côté is a painter and a video producer. He teaches at Université du Québec à Montréal. He was on the board of PRIM Vidéo (1989-1991) and Vidéographe (1993-1996), and a member of the editorial staff of the magazine ETC Montréal (1990-1992). He also wrote a video column for the film magazine 24 Images (1989-1992).