Brad Todd Screen

Date(s): Feb 22 to Mar 22 2003


Screen, Brad Todd, 2003

Vernissage on Saturday, February 22, at 5 pm

Screen acts as a kind of micro-theatre where enigmatic elements co-exist in an elemental shadowbox world. The construction jitters to life as a result of a user’s action over distance, an anonymous telepresence that enters into the box’s universe of successive layers and references to both the fictive and the actual. Beginning with the telescope to early TV signals, vision over distance has gradually become action over distance and has supplanted earlier models of perceiving and engaging with the world. In Screen’s Cornell-esque scenario resides the blurred and jerky remnants of early cinema and the stop action animation of Ladislaw Starewicz or The Brothers Quay.

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Screen, Brad Todd, 2003

Brad Todd lives in Montréal. He studied at the Alberta College of Art from 1986-1990 where he completed an undergraduate degree, going on to complete a MFA from Concordia University in 1992. Todd is an instructor in the Digital Imaging and Sound Program at Concordia University. His area of interest in the arts is focused on the use of digital technologies to animate physical objects and tableaus on the Net and in actual environments. Recent exhibitions of Web-based projects include FILE (Brazil, 2001), INFOS (Ljubljana, 2000), The New Museum for Contemporary Art (N.Y.C., 2001) and ISEA 2002 (Nagoya, Japan).