Miriam Fabijan “Translations” (My Hat Has Three Holes)

Date(s): May 5 to Jun 6 1993


My Hat Has Three Holes, Miriam Fabijan, 1993

Opening on Wednesday, May 5, at 5 pm

"My work, predominantly in the form of installations, uses and involves a variety of media, especially different ways of approaching the photographic image/object. Many of these photographs are of my own family and relative (both from Canada and Slovenija) and serve both as references to my inherited past and as initiators of questions I pose about the present and the future. “Translations” focuses on the idea of translating words, images and meaning from one language to another, from one culture to another. The exhibition employs several distinct "acts of translation" in which the viewer comprehend and appreciates the work based upon the composite fragments of the “translations” she/he is capable of understanding. The aspects and elements that elude their vocabulary add to the sense of cultural uniqueness and identity inherent to all translations." M.F.

My Hat Has Three Holes, Miriam Fabijan, 1993

Miriam Fabijan is a first generation Canadian whose parents emigrated to Canada from Slovenija in 1949. “Translations” was exhibited in the summer of 1992 at Galerija Equrna, Ljubljana, Slovenija as well as at Beneska Galerija, Speter\S. Pietro al Natisone, ltaly. This is Miriam Fabijan’s first solo show in Montreal.