Exhibitions, Residencies, Special Projects

Call for Proposals, 2018 and 2019 programming

Deadline: Friday, September 23, 2016 at 11:59 pm

Residencies and Special Projects
Gallery Plans
How to Submit a Proposal
Selection Process and Calendar


OBORO particularly encourages Aboriginal artists and culturally diverse artists to present a proposal. OBORO supports artists who are also parents by researching child care options and offering financial help whenever possible.

Deadline: September 23, 2016, 11:59 pm

OBORO invites artists, artist collectives and curators in visual arts, media and digital arts or interdisciplinary practices to propose exhibition projects for 2018 and 2019. We are interested in innovative practices that offer a contemporary perspective on the issues facing us as individuals, as a society and as artists. OBORO’s mandate is to support creation in various cultural practices and to encourage innovation, experimentation, the exchanging of ideas and the sharing of knowledge. OBORO’s objective is to promote awareness and dialogue within the art world and society at large, and to contribute to a culture of peace.

Your project could include a performative aspect or a proposal for a public event (guided visit, artist talk, workshop, master class, cultural mediation, etc.).

*NEW* For this call we are open to receiving proposals that combine an extended production period in the exhibition space leading up to an exhibition. To that effect, the committee will consider the artist’s practice as a whole and consider ideas in development  Note that our regular installation period covers 10 days.

Conditions of Support for Exhibitions
. Exhibition rights: $2500 for a solo exhibition of 5 weeks
. Materials budget for install and take-down: up to $500
. A maximum amount of $1,000 to cover the artist’s travel fees (1); we will support artists in applying for additional funds if necessary
. Up to $800 to cover the transportation of artworks or equipment (return) (1)
. For artists living outside Montreal: accommodations, a per diem of $40 (for stays of 7 days or less) or $25 (for 8 days or more) (The standard stay includes the week prior to the mounting and up to 2 days following the opening.)
. Up to 35 hours of installation and take-down technical support from our gallery technician (2)
. Specialized technical assistance for media-based projects
. Promotion of the event in accordance with OBORO’s standard communications program 
. Professional photographic documentation of the exhibition (the artist will receive a set of digital images)
. Access to the following equipment free of charge (3):

- 4 Mac Mini computers
- 2 universal players CD/DVD/Blu-ray/USB
- 4 multimedia projectors
- 4-40" LCD monitors
- 6 amplified speakers with wall mounts
- 2 audio mixers
- 1 digital audio interface
- 2 Matrox TripleHead2Go cards

(1) Projects for which travel fees and transportation of the works exceed the maximum amounts will need to secure external supplementary funding before they can become eligible to the program.
(2) The artist must be present during the installation period.
(3) The OBORO team reviews each selected proposal jointly with the artist in order to determine the options that will give the work optimal dissemination. However, any required equipment that goes beyond OBORO’s resources will need to be provided by the artist or by other collaborators. Artists requiring supplementary equipment for the presentation of their exhibition will receive a 40% discount on the current member rates of any equipment access should they wish to use the resources available at the New Media Lab.

Residences and Special Projects

OBORO particularly encourages Aboriginal artists and culturally diverse artists to present a proposal. OBORO supports artists who are also parents by researching child care options and offering financial help whenever possible.

Deadline: September 23, 2016, 11:59 pm

OBORO invites artists in visual, digital and media arts or intersectional practrices to submit projects of research and production for residencies of 2 to 4 weeks in length or for special projects (performances, reading group, research group, short test periods, etc.). We support projects that could benefit from the technical or artistic expertise of the members of the OBORO team, or artists who require equipment or studio space to advance their research. Please indicate 2 or 3 preferred time periods between January and December 2018.

This call is for local, national and international artists and curators. However the program does not cover accommodation, per diem or travel fees.

Conditions of Support for Residences and Special Projects
. For residencies: $500 honorarium per week per artist or collective
. For performances: minimum $500
. For special projects: to be discussed (you may make a proposition in your budget)
. Up to $250 to cover costs of materials or the transportation of
. Continuous access to a work studio during the residency period
. Access to OBORO’s studios and specialized equipment*
. Artistic support
. Technical supervision (Please note that OBORO provides a certain number of technical  hours to familiarize artists with our equipment; beyond this time, the artist will be responsible for paying fees to a specialized technician.)
. For residencies: A public event, whose format is determined jointly with the OBORO team, for which a $150 honorarium is paid to the artist (examples: artist talk, open studio, performance, workshop, master class…)

* The OBORO team meets with each selected artist in order to develop the production schedule of the project. The specific requirements of each project are determined on an individual basis. Nevertheless, please include a list of anticipated technical requirements. A detailed list of our equipment is available at oboro.net/en/lab.

Gallery Plans

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How to Submit a Proposal

Please begin by carefully reading this call, and looking at the projects we have supported in the past on our website. You can submit your proposal through our online submission portal. If you have any questions, contact reception at 514-844-3250 or email our webmaster@oboro.net.

You will have to provide the following documents:

  • Presentation letter (1 page)
  • Biographical note of up to 150 words
  • Current CV (up to 3 pages)
  • Project summary of 250 words
  • Detailed project description (up to 3 pages). For exhibition, you will be asked to answer the following two questions:

a) Would you like to occupy the large exhibition room, the small exhibition room, or both?
b) Would you agree to have your work be considered for a group show along with the work of one or several other artists?

  • Support material: up to 10 images, up to 5 video or audio excerpts of 3 minutes or less (via url links)
  • List of technical requirements
  • Basic budget listing anticipated expenses and revenue sources if they exceed OBORO’s resources (transportation costs, materials, equipment rental, etc.)

* Please note that OBORO's programming committee has a limited amount of time to review each submission. Prepare and cue your materials in consideration that there will be a maximum of 15 minutes allotted to reviewing your support material.
* Make sure that you send material that complies with the usual formats and that is compatible with a MACINTOSH computer.

Selection Process and Calendar

OBORO has an artistic committee composed of members from the board of directors, who have an active practice in creation, research, writing or curatorship. The committee meets with the Artistic Direction and two staff Researchers to examine the proposals received for the centre’s various programs, and to consider the centre’s overall direction. On an ad hoc basis, the committee invites artists and curators from the art community to take part in the discussions. Furthermore, the members of OBORO’s team are called upon to play an active role in selecting certain projects, evaluating their feasibility and interest relative to a joint global vision. All of OBORO’s employees have an artistic practice, and the diversity of their interests and expertise contributes to the energy and vitality of the centre’s activities.

The current members of the art committee are:
- Stéphane Claude, artist and Head of Research, Audio Sector - OBORO
- Peter Flemming, artist and teacher
- Claudine Hubert, curator and Cogeneral and Artistic Director, OBORO
- Stephen Lawson, artist
- Aaron Pollard, artist and Head of Research, Multimedia Sector - OBORO
- Louise Provencher, curator and teacher
- Tamar Tembeck, PhD in Art History and independent curator

Artists will receive a response within 3 months following the submission deadline.