Interval - Short-term residency for Production and Distribution

Short-term residency for production and distribution - Interval
Deadline: November 18th, 2018 at 11:59 pm

Interval is a short-term artist residency program in digital media set up by Festival Accès Asie and OBORO, creative partners since 1999, to produce and promote an artwork. Interval's goal is to support an artist from the Asian community in the development and dissemination of a new media art project, which may take the form of an installation, a performance, or a public presentation. The chosen artist(s) will receive an artist fee and a production budget and will benefit from OBORO's support in the development of their artwork, thanks to an access to studios and equipment as well as assistance from the team. Applicants must be Canadian residents and commit to their travail and accommodation expenses if they live outside Montreal. The selected project will be presented on May 11, 2019, as part of OBORO’s programming during Festival Accès Asie.

Festival Accès Asie, founded in 1995, promotes Asian arts, cultures and histories through a diversity of artistic disciplines including the visual arts, dance, theatre, video, film, music, literature, performance, new media and culinary arts. The Festival presents events that feature artists of Asian origin and artists whose work is inspired by Asian arts, cultures and histories.

Founded with the conviction that transcultural artistic experiences contribute to the betterment of humankind, OBORO is an artistic center that favours the development of art practices locally, nationally and internationally. OBORO’s sphere of activity encompasses visual and media arts, performing arts, new technologies and emerging practices.

1) Applications should be submitted exclusively electronically by email at with subject mentioning « Proposition for Interval ». You may send links with supporting material (WeTransfer, Dropbox, Vimeo, YouTube, etc.) and should include:
- a short biography* (150 words);
- an artist statement (a few sentences), outlining your area of interest and responding to the question: How does this project contribute to your artistic practice?;
- artist CV or profile, highlighting recent works (max 3 pages);
- a project summary (max 250 words);
- a project description (max 1.5 pages) Please indicate the stages of development that are already accomplished, make a clear list of your needs (i.e. : access to a filming studio with cameras – are you proficient in using them or do you need technical support? etc.)**;
- a portfolio of past projects (max 10 images, or a 10-minute video), if available.

* Collectives are welcome; the conditions offered remain the same.
** The list of available equipment can be found on OBORO's website :

2) Conditions offered:
- Artist (or artist collectives*) fee of $1000 for production and presentation; 
- contribution up to $500 for materials, equipment rentals or to hire human resources that may not be available at OBORO but are necessary to the performance (with supporting invoice).
- access to a work studio for up to 5 days (consecutive or not);
- access to OBORO’s studios and equipment, as may be necessary for the presentation;
- the expertise of the New media lab team, if required;
- the promotion and documentation of the event.

*Any fees for collaborators of the artist(s) are not covered by OBORO. All other costs related to the production or presentation of the project are the responsibility of the artist and/or the producer of the project.

Previously received artists fort the Interval program :
2018 : Chittakone Thirakul (Hazy Montagne Mystique)
2017 : Yen-Chao Lin
2015 : Cheryl Sim
2014 : Khadija Baker
2013 : Ila Firouzabadi et PayamMofidi
2012 : Parker Mah