Claudine Hubert: Interim General Director and Artistic Director
Émilie Boudrias: Interim Associate Director
Joël Gauthier: Administrative Operations

Programming and New Media Lab
Aaron Pollard: Head of Research, Multimedia Sector

Anne Parisien: Programming Coordinator
Josée Brouillard: Technician, New Media Lab
Roberto Di Giacomantonio: Reception and Administrative Support, Graphic Designer

Stéphane Claude: Head of Research, Audio Sector

Stephanie Castonguay: Administrative Coordinator, New Media Lab

Stephen Beaupré: Gallery Technician and Maintenance
Sylvaine Chassay: Head of Communications and Cultural Mediation Coordinator

Sylvain Aubé, our dear webmaster-developer, takes his leave (2017.04.04)

Our colleague Sylvain Aubé, who has been OBORO’s webmaster-developer for the last six years, is leaving us and setting off on new adventures. We wish to emphasize his tremendous contribution to the development of our art centre’s digital platforms, as well as his commitment to the synergy of the team. Some of his outstanding achievements include the OBOROmobile app, the online archives, and the responsive version of our website.

We will miss his passion for computer technology and music (and his DJing at Christmas)! We thank him for his invaluable collaboration and team spirit and wish him much success in his new endeavours.

Change Is in the Air (2017.01.24)

With great emotion, the Board of Directors announces that, on January 13, 2017, Mr. Bernard Bilodeau stepped down from his position after 30 years at the helm of administration and 4 years as the General Co-Director of OBORO. It is always difficult for an organization to say goodbye to the last active member of its founders. However, we are pleased that Mr. Bilodeau now has the opportunity to put his skill and talent at the service of Quebecois artists as the Project Manager of the Art And Architecture Integration Policy of Quebec’s Ministry of Culture and Communications. Mr. Bilodeau’s impact on the very fabric of OBORO has been crucial, and we wish him much success in his new position.

To assure the transition towards a permanent directorship following this change, the Board of Directors is pleased to present the team forming the interim organizational structure. Claudine Hubert is now the Interim General Director, while still carrying on as the Artistic Director, with support from the members of the artistic committee. Émilie Boudrias, who has served as the Programming Coordinator for the past 18 months, is now the Interim Associate Director. OBORO also welcomes a new member, Joël Gauthier, CPA-CMA, who will be responsible for Administrative Operations during this period of transition.

We would also like to take this opportunity to welcome back our colleague Anne Parisien, who is once again the Programming Coordinator after returning from her maternity leave.

OBORO relies on the commitment and support of an extraordinary team to ensure the fulfilment of its mandate in the production, research, and dissemination of contemporary art. We wish to name them and acknowledge their ongoing efforts: Aaron Pollard, Anne Parisien, Josée Brouillard, Roberto Di Giacomantonio, Stéphane Claude, Stephanie Castonguay, Stephen Beaupré, Sylvain Aubé, Sylvaine Chassay.

We would also like to thank Cheryl Sim for her involvement in the Board of Directors over the past three years. Her departure marks the arrival of Nadia Myre as an Administrator. Ms. Myre has been an active member of OBORO since 2002 and intends to continue contributing to the centre’s development. Lastly, the Board of Directors wishes to warmly thank the entire art community that has been supporting its activities from the very beginning. We hope to keep seeing you often at OBORO!

Louise Provencher, President
On behalf of the Board of Directors of OBORO: Gisèle Trudel, Nadia Myre, Peter Flemming, Skawennati, Stephen Lawson, Tamar Tembeck