Tamar Tembeck: General Director
Yuraś Mourog: Administrative Director

Programming and New Media Lab
Aaron Pollard: Head of Research, Multimedia Sector

Anne Parisien: Programming Coordinator
Charlotte Clermont: Administrative Coordinator, New Media Lab
Josée Brouillard: Technical Manager, New Media Lab
Maryse Arseneault: Front Desk
Mireille N’Gouan: Accounting
Roberto Di Giacomantonio: In Charge of Visual Identity and Directorial Assistance
Sarah Ève Tousignant: Head of Communications

Stéphane Claude: Head of Research, Audio Sector

Stephen Beaupré: Gallery Technician and Maintenance

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Charlotte and Maryse join OBORO's team

OBORO is renewing its skin once again, welcoming new colleagues to its team. Maryse Arseneault, our multi-talented front desk manager, warmly welcomes visitors and concocts fabulous thematic buffets during the openings. She succeeds Jamie Ross who, after a summer of creation from coast to coast in the Americas, still hovers around OBORO for a project that will be taking shape in the spring. Charlotte Clermont and her bold socks, new administrative coordinator of the New Media Lab, manages the reservations of artists and other users of the Lab with a master hand and does not hesitate to climb dizzying scaffolding when necessary. She replaces Marion Meyer who now lives in Marseille and to whom we wish the best of luck in her new projects. We are happy to have these two strong and friendly women added to our team! 

Maryse Arseneault

Acadian based in Montréal, Maryse Arseneault is a multidisciplinary artist whose work has been presented nationally and internationally, through festivals and artist-run centres such as Atelier d’estampe Imago, Eastern Edge Gallery, Connexion ARC, and Galerie du Nouvel Ontario. A MFA graduate (Concordia University, 2015), Maryse continues to showcase drawing, print and video in her interventions. Her recent efforts critique society's disconnect with nature, due to technology and the objectification of matter through art.  

Charlotte Clermont

Charlotte Clermont holds a Bachelor degree in Studio Arts from Concordia University (2016), and is developing a collaborative practice around video and sound. Her work takes the form of video mono bands or installations. She pays particular attention to the malleability of the image, working with film and magnetic tapes, in the interest of building complex and intimate space-times. Using video synthesis, visual feedback and glitches, the universe of her videos stands out with mysterious and hypnotic atmospheres. Her work aims to create an encounter between the plasticity of analogical images and emotional intelligence, to create conditions conducive to an “extimistic” and introspective experience.