Production Studio in Montreal

(Studio 01)

An 864 square-foot Production Studio with a 180-degree limbo, movable black curtains that can encircle the entire space and a professional lighting system is available for various types of shooting (video, film, photo, etc.) and other activities. The studio includes an adjacent control room and access to a rest and communication area.

Production, Urban Terrarium, Allison MooreDiffusion, Immerson, concert series, France JobinPerformance, Sing Juk Sing, Mary Wong

Panoramic view of the studio
Plan of the New Media Lab

Studio Features

  • 24 circuit lighting system (48 000W)
  • Large selection of lighting equipment
  • Acoustic treatment on ceiling
  • 180 degree cyclorama
  • Technical grid (63 pipes at 18” intervals)
  • Choice between Socapex or Camlock systems
  • Uniform, polished concrete floor
  • Black velour sliding curtains, 360º coverage
  • Adjustable climate control
  • Mobile costume rack
  • Mobile make-up table
  • Apple boxes
  • Sandbags
  • Tripods
  • Hollywood Arms
  • Grip box

Optional Equipment

  • HD cameras, Super 35mm and DSLR
  • Video and multimedia projectors
  • Lighting console
  • Audio console
  • Camera Tripods, Dollies, 3D Mount and Magic Arms

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