Production Studio in Montreal

(Studio 01)

An 864 square-foot Production Studio with a 180-degree limbo, movable black curtains that can encircle the entire space and a professional lighting system is available for various types of shooting (video, film, photo, etc.) and other activities. The studio includes an adjacent control room and access to a rest and communication area.

Plan of the New Media Lab

Studio Features

  • 24 circuit lighting system (48 000W)
  • Large selection of lighting equipment
  • Acoustic treatment on ceiling
  • 180 degree cyclorama
  • Technical grid (63 pipes at 18” intervals)
  • Choice between Socapex or Camlock systems
  • Uniform, polished concrete floor
  • Black velour sliding curtains, 360º coverage
  • Adjustable climate control
  • Mobile costume rack
  • Mobile make-up table
  • Apple boxes
  • Sandbags
  • Tripods
  • Hollywood Arms
  • Grip box

Optional Equipment

  • HD cameras, Super 35mm and DSLR
  • Video and multimedia projectors
  • Lighting console
  • Audio console
  • Camera Tripods, Dollies, 3D Mount and Magic Arms

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