Coefficients d'intimité / Amplified Intimacies

Essays by Jean Dubois et Lynn Hughes

Graphic design by Pata Macedo,

2011, 192 p., colour, bilingual, $20

Artists: Chloé Lefebvre and Jean Dubois, François Quévillon, Lynn Hughes and Heather Kelly, Karmen Franinovic and Yon Visell, Adad Hannah and Niklas Roy, Ying Gao, Matthew Biederman, James Partaik.

Catalogue of the Coefficients d'intimité / Amplified Intimacies exhibition, presented at OBORO from September 13 to October 18, 2008. The eight site-specific interactive works and tangible media devices come to life again, under the theoretical lighting shed by curators Lynn Hughes and Jean Dubois (co-directors of the research group Interstices) in their respective essays.