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Cassandra: Voix intérieures • Voices from the Inside

Essays by Sandra L. BUCKLEY, Annie MARTIN and Anne CARSON
1998, 96 p., 10 ill. (3 colour), bilingual publication,

The publication extends the ideas embodied in Freda Guttman’s installation Cassandra: An Opera in Four Parts first exhibited at OBORO in 1995. The three authors address the meaning of voice.

Speaking Volumes

Essays by curator Clive ROBERTSON
1997, 31 p., 38 ill., bilingual catalogue, $8

The introductory essay points to transformations in public discourses on art in Canada during the last forty years. In addition, critical texts propose an alternative to the historiography of the eighteen works in the exhibition which include films, videos, documentaries and television programmes produced between 1957 and 1996.

Vivan Sundaram: House/Boat

Essay by Marie-Michèle CRON
1996, 30 p., 6 ill. colour, bilingual publication, $8

Marie-Michèle Cron presents the installation House/Boat shown at OBORO. Her essay focuses on elements of the work that suggest dislocation.

Cathy Sisler: La Femme Écran /The Reflexive Woman

Essay by the curator Nicole GINGRAS and writings by Cathy SISLER
Co-production OBORO, N. Gingras and Centre d’Art Contemporain de Basse-Normandie
1996, 56 p., 27 ill. (7 colour), bilingual publication,

This publication contextualises the work of Cathy Sisler in the current artistic practice of distorting images and twisting personalities. Illustrated with Sisler’s drawings and video images.

Indian Princess and Cowgirls: Stereotypes from the Frontier

Essays by Gail Guthrie VALASKAKIS and Marilyn BURGESS, and one
artist's project by Rebecca BELMORE
1995, 83 p., 46 ill. (23 colour), bilingual publication, $20

Valaskakis’s essay proposes an analysis of historical and contemporary images of Indian princesses while Burgess examines the myths of the cowgirl in North American culture. Belmore’s bookwork was created especially for the publication.