Vida Simon Beforehand

Date(s): Feb 16 to Mar 13 2015


V. Simon, 2015

In my mind the doll was my grandmother (or great grandmother?) from Russia. She just was.

I will use this residency to concentrate on a specific aspect of an artist’s book I am making. The book, titled Beforehand, focuses on the theme of origins, both in terms of tracing my own process, as well as paying homage to sources of inspiration: ­artists, writers, thinkers, objects, images, places… I am also looking at origins as a theoretical concept, which I have explored in several past works that play off of the relationship between personal history and fiction. Beforehand will encompass diverse aspects of my practice, and reveal connections in a way that maybe only a book can (image-text relations, sequence, duration, scale). The book will take a retrospective approach but be conceived as an active archive. I am interested in the challenge of transposing an improvisational, site-responsive process to the form of a book.

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V. Simon, 2015

Vida Simon’s work has been presented internationally, in a wide range of contexts – galleries, hotel rooms, storefronts, theatres, rooftops, a former synagogue, an old horse stable, and most recently in an abandoned house on Fogo Island, Newfoundland with TO MAKE ENDS MEET (2013). Other recent projects include performances at the ZAZ Festival of Performance Art (Israel), Interakcje (Poland), a collaboration with Jack Stanley at At Home Gallery (Slovakia), and exhibitions at OBORO (Montreal) and Badstrasse (Germany).