Tulip Theory (Leila Sujir, Maria Lantin) Chorus of Lungs

Date(s): May 25 to Jun 10 2010


L. Sujir, 2008

In Chorus of Lungs, Leila Sujir & Maria Lantin explore elements of the social body through experiments with sound and image spatialization of voices, breath and breathing, which will become a video-audio installation. In the installation, the lungs will appear to be floating in a shared space with the viewer, with exterior spaces and portraits projected onto the interior spaces of the body. Chorus of Lungs will work with an ebb and flow of images, a particle-like motion simulating breathing, moving between the individual portrait to the larger grouping of the chorus, becoming a vocal conversation with the viewer, not necessarily in words. Viewers will be invited to interact with the chorus through a small object held in the palm of the hands, which will be programmed, each object connecting to a pair of lungs to evoke a fragile yet tensile strength and physicality, along with a sense of exchange and responsibility. The project explores questions of interior spaces, the body, simulation and presence.

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L. Sujir, 2008

Maria Lantin and Leila Sujir have been working under the group label Tulip Theory since 2005. Their first project, Tulipomania, explored the creation of virtual video sculptures using technology usually reserved for games or traditional virtual reality.