Lorella Abenavoli le son de la montée de la sève dans un arbre au printemps, d’un érable

Date(s): Apr 8 to 22 2005


The idea behind this sculpture is to create a visual and sonic space where the rising sap in a maple tree in the spring will be heard. It will be achieved first by capturing the upward flow of the sap in the tree, then by recording, digitising, hearing, processing and finally broadcasting and “spatializing” it in a particular venue. Lorella Abenavoli will carry out the second stage of this the creation and prodcution of the sound peice—during a residency at OBORO.

Lorella Abenavoli is a sculptor living in France. Since 1996 she has devoted her time to sound sculpture. Her research focuses on capturing and transforming into sound, the internal flows of the Earth, trees, body, etc. She works in collaboration with scientific institutions with which she has produced software for creating sound work. She received a Fondation Daniel Langlois scholarship for her work Le Souffle de la Terre.