Sabrina Côté Leitmotiv

Date(s): Feb 2 to Mar 27 2015


J. Brouillard, 2015

Artist Talk
Saturday, September 26, 2015
as part of Journées de la culture at OBORO

During her 2-month residency at OBORO, the artist will continue her recent research investigating the correspondence between sound, image and movement. By creating a series of short video animations, she will explore the soundtrack’s predominant role, which acts as a source of inspiration for creating the images.

In Leitmotiv, common objects encountered everyday will suddenly be magnified and come alive before the viewer’s eyes, projecting all their poetic potential. The images will be based on the sound and will illustrate its “mood,” acting as its interpreters. Favouring lightness and economical in gesture, the artist wishes to cultivate a free and unpremeditated intention, while following the rhythm of the soundtrack.

J. Brouillard, 2015

Sabrina Côté is a multidisciplinary artist who works and lives in Chicoutimi. Her practice spans drawing, sound art and animation. She is interested in the correspondence between sound, image and movement. Her particular interest in animation, which is her increasingly preferred medium, grew out of sound recording. While working as a boom operator for various productions, she realized the importance of sound in her own work. She began making short video animations in a playful style, specifically focusing on how sound can contribute to audiovisual productions.

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