Ariane PlanteClaudine HubertLight Shadows

Date(s): Mar 24 to Apr 14 2019


Light Shadows

Petro, 2018 and A. Plante, 2015

M&M Residency in Mexico

In collaboration with Laboratorio de Arte Alameda and the Conseil des arts de Montréal

Interested in the meeting of cultures and aesthetics through the arts and new media, and motivated by the idea of creating and consolidating artistic relations between Quebec and Mexico, two regions of North America where digital and media arts are particularly dynamic and prolific, we hope to initiate our research and development of a project for presentation in the public spaces of both countries (and elsewhere!). Entitled Light Shadows, it will bring together installations and installation performances designed for outdoor presentations. At this point, we imagine creating a itinerary of works that, through the digital technologies they use, their space and their artistic intentions, will highlight the highly frequented outdoor urban spaces, offering a renewed look at media art for the public space, a counter-point to the design and entertainment projects that are increasingly common in our cities.

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Light Shadows

Petro, 2018 and A. Plante, 2015

After studying anthropology, Ariane Plante became involved in the cultural and artistic community as a freelancer. Since 2006, she has worked with organizations and artists, either as curator, programme planner, writer, producer, consultant, artistic director and advisor or as project manager. Self-taught artist, she develops a professional practice in media and visual arts. She is a fellow of the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec as an individual artist, and of Première Ovation, as an artist, author (scriptwriter) and independent curator.

Claudine Hubert is a writer and independent curator of digital and visual art, with a interest in the artistic potential of AI, in performance and institutional structures. She has been active in the Canadian cultural milieu for over fifteen years, beginning with the Symposium International d’art contemporain de Baie-Saint-Paul in the early 2000s, and co-founding Third Space Gallery in Saint John, NB where she managed publications and community outreach.

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