Martine Frossard Martine Frossard

Date(s): Sep 1st 2016 to Jun 30th 2017


M. Frossard, 2016

Artist Talk
May 25, 2017, at 5:30 pm

As part of the New Media Creation Grant for Young Artists, Frossard will develop a new installation that combines video and animation. The work will explore the dynamics of control and influence between individuals: the impact others have on us and that we have on them.

On a screen, a character bearing a neutral expression will face the viewer. The viewer’s presence will gradually affect the character’s mood, whose expressions will change while being inundated with all kinds of abstract and graphic shapes. Frossard will combine video clips, drawn animations, and sound to represent the character’s moods in this video animation.

M. Frossard, 2016

The work of multidisciplinary artist Martine Frossard is centred on illustration, animation, and interactive installation. She explores the quest for identity and the way in which individuality gets fragmented and reinvented across time and experience. Going beyond illustration, she uses video animation as a medium to animate the metamorphoses of her characters’ identities. At the same time, she creates participatory installations in which viewers are invited to undertake their own identity quests.

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