Annie Martin music for insomniacs et symphonie interne

Date(s): May 25 to Jun 13 2007


A. Martin, 2006

While in residence at OBORO, Annie Martin will produce two new audio CD projects in the series initiated by relaxation: songs for city dwellers (2004). music for insomniacs will build on sounds consciously produced by playing everyday objects and musical children’s toys—the crystalline resonance of the everyday—while symphonie interne will explore the sonorous materiality of the body and its organs. These compositions will also provide the basis for future audio installations.

A. Martin, 2006

Annie Martin‘s practice traverses sound, installation, painting, drawing, textile and performance. Her work has been exhibited widely in Canada, and internationally. Martin received her MFA from Concordia University in 1994. She lives and works in Lethbridge, Alberta, in the traditional territory of the Blackfoot Confederacy.