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Parcel lab

C. Loncol Daigneault, 2009

Fall 2009 – Winter 2010

In collaboration with NT2

Parcel Lab is a residency and an hypermediatic project that uniting four authors: Daniel Canty, Chantal Neveu, Jack Stanley and Caroline Loncol Daigneault. The authors will be invited to delve into OBORO’s 2009-2010 programming to find trails for thought, matter of fiction, to bridge the meaning of seemingly disparate activities, question the works, the events and the mechanisms and context that surround them.

At the core of the activities taking place inside and outside the gallery walls, the authors of the Parcel Lab will first target a detail. The Lab privileges close-ups to wide angles and interrogates its subject from an intimate perspective in order to isolate and scrutinize chosen details of exhibited works while carefully, intuitively and systematically selecting the context they inhabit. The parceled information collected by each author of the Lab will mesh the multiple and heterogeneous starting patterns for reflection and contributions of a critical and literary nature.

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Parcel lab

C. Loncol Daigneault, 2009

Both a writer and director, Daniel Canty’s writing occupies a central place in his work, where literature and publishing cross paths with cinema and theatre, new media and visual arts. He is currently preparing Le livre de chevet, a collective work dedicated to sleep, which follows La Table des matières, about food, and Cité Selon, about the city.

Caroline Loncol Daigneault is an author, researcher and artist who has followed Vida Simon’s work since 2003, from Montreal to the Laurentians to Newfoundland. She studied visual arts at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design and art history at the Université de Montréal, and holds a master’s degree in art history from UQÀM on the problematics of environmental art in Québec with the Boréal Art/Nature centre in the Laurentians as case study.

Writer and interdisciplinary artist, Chantal Neveu chooses writing as an avenue for exploration and knowledge. She has published Une spectaculaire influence (Éditions L’Hexagone), coït and mentale (La Peuplade) as well as èdres followed by èdres | dehors (É=É).

Jack Stanley completed his studies at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in 1993. He has participated in a wide range of activities within Montreal’s artist run milieu — as a board member of Galerie Articule, indexer at Artexte, independent curator and critic, and technical assistant for numerous artists. With his partner Vida Simon, he has organized exhibitions and events for Souffles, a gallery in their home.