Surajit Sarkar Ring of Blue

Date(s): Sep 21 to Nov 7 2006


S. Sarkar, 2006

Ring of Blue creates a portable interactive exhibition for the Catapult Arts Caravan in rural India. It includes documentary history, people’s geography and cultural expression in articulating water relations in their environment. Work 1 features an animated bucket in a dry well. Work 2, activated by visitors’ presence, combines a live video from an aquarium with text concerning water-related issues in the exhibition area. Work 3 is an interactive map-installation that uses everyday objects associated with water and imbues them with the power to summon video or audio extracts.

S. Sarkar, 2006

Surajit Sarkar (New Delhi, India) was at one time a photocopier salesman, a bank officer and primary school teacher. He has worked as a video artist since 1991, and received national and international awards for his documentary work. Active in theatre and dance stage productions, he is a founding member of the Catapult Arts Caravan, a travelling arts group that works with community artists in rural India.

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