Eugenia Reznik Se dépeindre

Date(s): Mar 18 to Apr 5 2019


L. Gonçalves, 2016

Roundtable discussion concluding the triple residency Imaginary documentary
May 30, 2019 from 5 to 7 p.m.

Is it possible to narate a face? Is it possible to narate our own face? Despite its visibility, the face evoques intimacy, even nakedness, because the nudity of the face is “true nakedness”(Levinas).

How then can one denude in words what is naked to the eye? I propose to create audio self-portraits. Based on testimonials from people, this project has two stages:

1. Gather audio interviews. These are testimonials from people who think about the following question: What do you see when looking at yourself in the mirror?

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L. Gonçalves, 2016

Born in Ukraine, Eugenia Reznik has lived and worked in Quebec since 2005. She holds a Master’s degree in Visual and Media Arts from the Université de Québec in Montreal, where she is pursuing her PhD in Arts Studies and Practices. She has presented several solo exhibitions and participated in numerous group exhibitions in Quebec and Europe. Her most recent work was part of the Ars Electronica Campus Exhibition (Linz, Austria, 2018).