Kathy KennedySonic Choreographies

Date(s): Feb 14 to Mar 3 2005


Sonic Choreographies

Sonic Choreographies is a series of surround sound pieces that create imaginary soundscapes of the female voice. We are, as a culture, losing the awareness that the voice conveys highly sophisticated information that is best transmitted directly from body to body. Technology has obviously made communication easier, but at the same time much has been lost. My compositions in surround sound refer to this direction of inquiry, and hopefully help to sensitise the listener.

Sonic Choreographies

Kathy Kennedy is a sound artist with a background in classical singing. Her art practice generally involves the voice and issues of interface with technology, often using telephony or radio. She is also involved in community art, and is a founder of Studio XX, a digital media centre for women in Canada, as well as innovative choral groups for women, Chœur Maha and Esther. Her large-scale sonic installation/performances for up to 100 singers and radio have been performed internationally including at the inauguration of the Vancouver New Public Library and at the Lincoln Center’s Out of Doors Series in New York City.