Daniel BarrowThe Collector

Date(s): Nov 24 to Dec 8 2021


The Collector

During his residency, Daniel Barrow will work on creating an interactive, digital performance which illustrates the story of a queer teen who breaks into a closed museum, to be sequestered alone with enchanted portraits. The Collector will be told in a series of narrative vignettes that combine live, “manual” animations from a vintage Amiga computer, digital drawings from the viewing audience asked to participate in “drawing quizzes” using their smartphones, as well as a live monologue and a recorded soundtrack.  

Having recently completed the first draft of the script, the artist will begin the ambitious task of illustrating/developing a gestural scheme for each of the scenes, working with OBORO’s technical team, online membership, a musical composer, and a computer programmer. The main character of the project, The Collector, quarantined in the museum, is an aesthete who has voluntarily retreated into the ideal artistic world of his own creation. Barrow, after also experiencing pandemic quarantine, is seeking to create a bridge and a sense of community between  artist and audience.  

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The Collector

Over the last fifteen years, Daniel Barrow has used simple (often antiquated) technologies to present pictorial narratives by merging the methods of cinema, comics, animation, and magic lantern shows. Barrow is best known for adapting comic book narratives to “manual” forms of animation by manipulating drawings on an overhead projector.