Vishal RawlleyVoice Wave

Date(s): Mar 1 to Apr 30 2007


Voice Wave

Vishal Rawlley in residence at OBORO in partnership with the Daniel Langlois Foundation for Art, Science and Technology

Vishal Rawlley (Mumbai, India) is in residence at OBORO’s New Media Lab from March 1 to April 30, 2007 to create a new project entitled Voice Wave, which consists of an egalitarian, interactive telephone and data system that encourages public expression on ecological and cultural issues in the city.

This is the second residency in the “Montreal Research and Experimental Residency Program for Professional Artists from Emerging Countries” jointly established by OBORO and the Daniel Langlois Foundation for Art, Science and Technology.

Voice Wave

In 1995, Vishal Rawlley earned a diploma in film and video production from Xavier’s Institute of Communication in Bombay. He has served as director, executive producer and cameraman for several video documentaries. As a photographer, he has mounted a travelling exhibition dedicated to the victims of the Bhopal disaster. His projects in new media include: essays on hypertexuality; researching urban arts and crafts of Mumbai; Masala_X, a fictitious porno site commissioned by in New York; Bombay Sonic, an interactive radio project; TyPoCiTy, funded by the Daniel Langlois Foundation; and, which is the umbrella project that links all of his initiatives. In November 2002, he was curator for the Children’s Film Festival — dedicated to the exploration of new forms of teaching – organised by the Comet Media Foundation.