Maryse GoudreauWhale Listeners

Date(s): Oct 15 to Nov 14 2021


Whale Listeners

During her residency Whale Listeners, Maryse Goudreau undertakes the exploration of recordings taped in a “beluga nursery.” With her many collaborators, Goudreau interprets the recordings and positions herself in a philosophy of mothering. The birth of a beluga, as well as the period during which it learns how to communicate with its mother and community, are moments that capture researchers’ attention. The mortality of mothers and newborns in the St-Laurent River is a particular source of concern. This project, a mix of audio, film and video explorations, looks to urgently change the way we relate to the living. 

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Whale Listeners

Maryse Goudreau is an independent artist, filmmaker and researcher. She creates works where images, documents, artistic and participatory gestures of care intersect. Hybrid in nature, her practice explores photography, video, interactive photo essays, immersive environments, action art, and sound art. Since 2012, she has been working on an archive dedicated to the beluga whale, an ongoing, open-ended research-art project for which she has assembled data and creative works realized over the past two decades.