Sara LétourneauWord, Action, Image, Music: Links Between Performance and Song

Date(s): Apr 9 to Jun 8 2016


Word, Action, Image, Music: Links Between Performance and Song

S. Létourneau, 2016

Artist Talk
Thursday, May 19 at 5:30 pm

My residency project will explore the possible connections between song, performance art, theatre, video, and digital audio manipulation. I will mostly focus on composing new works—intersecting song, trip hop, psychedelic folk, lo-fi pop, electronic music, and sound textures—as well as staging and sounding this music, while integrating performance and video.

Coming out of performance art, I have long been interested in the sound aspect of performative action, in conjunction with my activities as a singer, songwriter, and composer and my set design and acting practice. I wish to explore the porous boundaries between these practices and discover interdisciplinary openings between songwriting and performance art. I will also examine how sound and set design might interact by exploring various audio sources and ways of spatializing sound. By working with composer and sound artist Guillaume Thibert, I will research useful digital tools that can help maximise my exploration.

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Word, Action, Image, Music: Links Between Performance and Song

S. Létourneau, 2016

Sara Létourneau is a multidisciplinary artist from Chicoutimi. She takes risks and devotes herself to theatre, performance and visual art, as well as to music as a singer, songwriter, and composer. She has participated in many independent projects, as well as several theatre projects for Théâtre La Rubrique and the Canada Research Chair in the Creation of a Dramaturgy of Sound in Theatre. She has exhibited her visual art in several group shows and, in January 2016, she was part of a duo exhibition-residence with Magali Baribeau-Marchand at the Galerie l’Œuvre de l’Autre.!__art-performance

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