David McFarlane www.davidmcfarlane.com

Date(s): Nov 24 to Dec 1 2002


Image from www.davidmcfarlane.com

Publicly accessible through the Internet, www.davidmcfarlane.com is a searchable data-base of every person I have met in my lifetime so far. It is a self-portrait constructed by re-collecting, or calling to mind those that I have come into contact with. This new project builds on my continued practice of map-ping and collecting as a strategy to examine issues of identity, territory and boundary.

Image from www.davidmcfarlane.com

David McFarlane’s conceptually informed work critiques the autonomy of the art object and highlights its processes, while also directly implicating the audience. He has worked in sculpture, installation and site-specific performance. His new project, www.davidmcfarlane.com, will be launched in the spring of 2003. He currently lives in Toronto.