10 Moments

Natasha Bakht © D.Hou, 2005 - Shuni Tsou © F.Zou, 2006

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Natasha Bakht © D.Hou, 2005 - Shuni Tsou © F.Zou, 2006

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10 Moments

Saturday May 17, 2008 at 2 pm

Montreal : OBORO's New Media Lab
Toronto : Q Music , 401 Richmond, B102

curator: Janet Lumb
master of ceremony : Cheryl Sim



thumb Presented as part of the Festival
Accès Asie 2008


Celebrating its 10th year, the cyberspace activity 10 Moments transcends time and space in leaps and bounds. Challenged only by a slight delay due to online streaming technology, OBORO’s technical wizardry will leave you spellbound with a surprise twist: bamboo flautist Shuni Tsou will be performing in real time in Toronto, with renowned percussionist Ziya Tabassian and the exquisite Indian contemporary dancer Natasha Bakht in Montreal. From vigorous dance steps to the delicate whispers of flutes and drums, the artists’ playfulness will produce illuminating moments through hyper-reality. This performance will be accompanied by the images produced by Mehdi Benboubakeur, a multidisciplinary Algerian-born artist who works with diverse media such as films, video, photos, synthesized images and prints with virtuosity. [J.L.]

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Shuni Tsou

Shuni Tsou is a bamboo flautist with classical training in Beijing opera and Chinese classical music. Since winning the national Chinese bamboo flute competition in Taiwan, she has collaborated with contemporary music figures such as John Zorn, Butch Morris, Oliver Lake and Brandon Ross as well as making several recordings.

Natasha Bakht

Natasha Bakht has been practising bharata natyam with the Toronto-based company Menaka Thakkar for over twenty years. Her own choreography includes three solos created for herself, including Obiter Dictum, which was nominated for a 2003 Dora Mavor Moore Award for Outstanding New Choreography.

Janet Lumb

Having traveled across Canada thirty times by car, thumb, motorcycle, bus, train, or plane, Janet Lumb delights in the discovery of creation and expression within the boundaries and challenges of Canada’s geography. Her fascination is e-connecting artists, communities and people in a real way.