8 Moments

© L. Pui Ming

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© L. Pui Ming

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8 Moments

Network event
May 13, 2006, 2 pm

Presented as part of the Festival Accès Asie 2006

In its 8th year Moments pushes the boundaries to meet the challenges of creation in cyberspace. Lee Pui Ming, pianist extraordinaire from Toronto, will meet on line with quick-fingered sound king DJ Mana and visual wizard VJ Pillow from Montréal. This improvisation across two cities on two stages continues to boggle the minds of artists and public alike. With current advances in streaming video and audio on the World Wide Web, the possibilities are infinite. [J.L.]

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Janet Lumb

Having traveled across Canada thirty times by car, thumb, motorcycle, bus, train, or plane, Janet Lumb delights in the discovery of creation and expression within the boundaries and challenges of Canada’s geography. Her fascination is e-connecting artists, communities and people in a real way.

DJ Mana

DJ Mana is an undisputed turntable and scratch virtuoso. He began his DJ career in 1993, quickly turning to hip-hop and collaborating with Under Pressure, KoolOut.com, Mr. Lif and Swollen Members, among others. Winner of Montréal’s DMC scratch contest in 2003 and 2004, he was in residency at Blue Dog and founded a Djing school.

Lee Pui Ming

Lee Pui Ming is a creating and performing artist. As a performer, she has toured Canada, Europe and Asia with appearances in numerous festivals. She has five recordings to date; the latest who’s playing (2002) is on the Ambiances magnétiques label. Her composition credits include commissions from The Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra,Vancouver New Music and The Yoko Ono Project.

Thien Vu Dang

Leaving Vietnam on a boat with his parents when he was six years old, Thien Vu Dang arrived a year later in Montréal where he discovered cinema. Although he studied economic sciences at UQÀM, his passion was watching movies in dark rooms like the Cinémathèque québécoise. His collaborations with Ned Bouhalassa, Yasuko Tadokoro, Christelle Franca, and other great artists have been an inspiration for Thien Vu Deng, a.k.a. VJ Pillow.