Art Among Nomadic Peoples: imaginary and healing

© M. Boutin, 2014

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© M. Boutin, 2014

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Art Among Nomadic Peoples: imaginary and healing

Public talk and participatory workshop
Saturday March 24, 2018, from 1pm to 5pm
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* This activity will be held in French

We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts.

Image :  Le sang de la terre-mère, Sonia Robertson, Centre d’exposition de Val d’Or, 2014.

Artist and art therapist Sonia Robertson will grace Montreal with her esteemed presence to present artistic work related to the imaginary that she regularly practices with Ilnuatsch (Innu) audiences. It is her conviction that a person’s balance and well-being are linked to a well maintained relationship to the imaginary. Her ever-evolving art practice is grounded in her culture and marked by the repetition of gesture and an investigation of Unity through tension between polarities. She interrogates the links between visible and invisible, between the Spirit World and the human, between interior and exterior by suggesting a new way of looking. Her installations and actions are concerned with movement, the use of space, in the image, sound and text. She creates a unique site-specific work for each site according to the history of the place. Her works are like rituals, sacred spaces to hold healing.

There are limited number of spaces available for this activity. Participants will receive a text written by Sonia upon registering. To sign up, please write to Anne Parisien:

This activity is the last in the Reading Circle lecture series, designed to connect audiences with indigenous thought as presented by artists and other thinkers, initiated in March 2017. Previous guests were Guy Sioui-Durand, Tomson Highway, David Garneau and Dana Claxton. 


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Sonia Robertson

Born in Mashteuiatsh, Sonia Robertson received her bachelor’s degree in interdisciplinary Art from the Université de Québec à Chicoutimi in 1996 and completed a master’s degree in Art Therapy at UQAT. As a multidisciplinary artist, she has participated in numerous events in Canada, France, Haiti, Japan and Mexico. She works to showcase art as a means of empowerment and expression for people in the community she is actively involved in.