Audio Art / Recent Investigations and Becoming of Sound Art 03 

© Simon Bélair, 2020, Aural Soilscapes de Sandra Volny

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© Simon Bélair, 2020, Aural Soilscapes de Sandra Volny

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Audio Art / Recent Investigations and Becoming of Sound Art 03 

Pedagogical Assistant: 

Training: 15 hours
Registrations: October 5 to November 2

Workshop dates: November 3, 4, 10, 11 and 17, 2021, from 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm

Guest Artists: Philippe-Aubert Gauthier, Philippe Bhatikka, Frédéric Dallaire-Tremblay, Julie Faubert

For its third edition, Recent Investigations and Becoming of Sound Art 03, will focus on the recent history, the existing currents and the potential of sound art. 

What are the strategies, protocols and technologies put in place by artists who work with sound? What are the poetic dimensions and the imaginary worlds channeled by these practices? What are the emerging listening modes and postures? How do they resonate in the contexts of environmental, societal and political emergencies? Can sound and listening become vectors of resistance and transition towards an ecology of attention? Could a critical reflection on sound and its technologies allow for more “humane” dialogues and possible trajectories in a world whose agents are more than human? 

Guest artists and participants will come together in this workshop to discuss these questions, exchange and develop common research. Sessions will take place exclusively on site and in person, in a small group to offer a safe and open environment. Participants are invited to actively engage in these meetings which will emphasise collaborative exchange and knowledge sharing. 

These  sessions come  with  bibliographies and links  prepared  by the  guests, as well as a selection of audio pieces and performances in a listening room. 

Emphasis  will  be  placed  on the  following  themes,  according  to the  interests  and profiles of the participants:  

  • Main  actors  (individuals  and technologies) of sound art 
  • Singularity  in  approaches  of  different  countries in time,  academic  research,  women’s  contribution, underground inventions,  effects  of  presence, as well as intuitive,  animist  and spiritual practices 
  • Intersectoral  and  interdisciplinary aspects  of sound art practices 
  • Sound  space  and the  effects  of  sound  art on publics 
  • Relationships  between  sound art,  environment  and  ecology  through  the  physicality  of  sound
  • Acoustic  applications and transductions  between  physiology  and  electronics  in sound art 

Four sessions invite guests who are specialized in various perspectives and approaches. 

The maximum number of participants is 8. The training will be given in French. 

Cost: $100 

Contact the New Media Laboratory by phone or by email: 514-844-3250, ext. 230 or



- Be a professional artist, creator or cultural worker; 
- Attend every workshop session ; 


Reservation / Payment 
Reservations can be made by phone or email. Full payment must be made for reservations to be valid. You can pay by credit card (Visa or MasterCard), cheque or cash. Registration for a workshop is non-transferable. 

Cancellation / Refund 
OBORO does not refund registration fees except in case of illness (with a medical note) or of absolute necessity. In such cases, registration fees are transferable to another workshop or service offered by the New Media Lab. 

Workshop Cancellation 
OBORO reserves the right to cancel workshops at any time and without advance notice. In this case, registration fees are completely refunded. 

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Sandra Volny

Sandra Volny is an artist-researcher, founder of Sound and Space Research. Her research in contemporary and sound art has led her to develop and deepen, in the recent years, a set of theoretical works, artistic experiments and group workshops. She has led research groups in Chile, Greece and Canada in collaboration with artists, scientists, architects, anthropologists, choreographers and musicians.

Stéphane Claude

Stéphane Claude is an electronic_acoustic composer and sound engineer. His research is based on integrating a conceptual and physiological framework of audio recording and sound installation for different diffusion contexts in the electronic arts.