BYOB at 4001 Berri

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BYOB at 4001 Berri

Friday, December 1, 2017, at 7pm
4001 Berri (OBORO, Studio XX, GIV and Studio Eric Paré - Xangle)
free admission



BYOB ("bring your own beamer") is an exhibition concept launched in Berlin in the 2000s by Rafaël Rozendaal and has been presented in countries around the world. The idea is simple: find a location, invite a bunch of artists, ask them to bring a projector and show their video work. It's a concept that explores site-specific video projection in a free and collaborative way.

The 4001 Berri invites you to its first BYOB evening, organized in collaboration with Studio XX, OBORO, GIV and Studio Eric Paré - Xangle. Bring your own projector and take over the space of 4001 Berri with your works in video, animation, 3D render and GIFs. We will also have projectors available.


- Projected works should be no longer than 10 minutes.
- No content that is sexually explicit, violent, racist or discriminatory will be tolerated.
- Your video will be projected without sound.
- Projectors will be available to the public but we encourage you to bring your own.
- Bring a laptop (or a USB key with your files) and the material that you need (HDMI or VGA cables and adapters).
- Participants are responsible for the loss or damage to their own equipment.
- If you have specific technical needs, please contact:

Accessibility info: at the moment, the 4001 Berri is not accessible to people with reduced mobility.