Delay Toys – Lullabies for Adults

© N. Forrest, 2001

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© N. Forrest, 2001

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Delay Toys – Lullabies for Adults

November 12, 2007 to January 27, 2008

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For the past year, Nancy Tobin has explored the themes of memory and childhood. The project entitled Delay Toys – Lullabies for Adults gets underway with this invitation to different artists:

I have a suitcase full of old toys.

The idea is to meet in a place which reminds you of your childhood – a school, yard, house, park, etc. – where we will make a recording of you using the toys in my suitcase. You may choose as many of them as you wish. They are, for the most part, percussion toys.

NB. Lullabies for Adults is a musical project on CD, centred on memory and delay. Your participation will help me gather enough raw material for the creation of musical compositions. [N.T.]

In the framework of her residency at OBORO, Nancy Tobin intends to bring this project to a close by continuing to study composition and the temporal approach to sound. The material gathered from the artists’ sound improvisations will be transformed using techniques such as delay, echo, phasing, the Haas effect etc. Nancy Tobin will also try to determine how it is possible to play with the listener’s memory by creating melodies which take the shape of ghostly refrains, for instance.

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Nancy Tobin

Nancy Tobin is an audio artist based in the St-Henri neighbourhood of Montreal. Her sound designs for dance and theatre productions have been part of the Festival TransAmériques, the World Stage Festival, the Festival d’Avignon and the Edinburgh International Festival. Tobin has, in her twenty years of experience, developed a specialization in vocal amplification for theater and is known for her distinct style, using unusual loudspeakers to transform the aural qualities of her compositions.