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Launch December 14, 2006, 7 pm

presented in collaboration with sound artist Nancy Tobin

In 2003, as part of the a choreographic creation by Danièle Desnoyers entitled Duos pour corps et instruments, Nancy Tobin designed a sound device for the dancers based on feedback.

The CD project DUO DES AIGUS is the result of research that Tobin would qualify as «privileged », as for the first time, she and the dancers had the opportunity to concentrate solely on the sound and the possibilities of the feedback generating instrument. Over more than twelve hours, AnneBruce Falconer and Sophie Corriveau improvised with their guitar amp, their effect pedals and with a small microphone attached directly to the body.

Nancy Tobin wishes to acknowledge the artist grants program of the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec and the OBORO Production Assistance program for their support in the realization of this project.

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Nancy Tobin

Nancy Tobin is an audio artist based in the St-Henri neighbourhood of Montreal. Her sound designs for dance and theatre productions have been part of the Festival TransAmériques, the World Stage Festival, the Festival d’Avignon and the Edinburgh International Festival. Tobin has, in her twenty years of experience, developed a specialization in vocal amplification for theater and is known for her distinct style, using unusual loudspeakers to transform the aural qualities of her compositions.