© P. Almario, 2014

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© P. Almario, 2014

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March 14 – 28, 2015

Round Table
Political refugees and artistic practices
With Paolo Almario, Khosro Berahmandi (artist and Director of Festival Accès Asie) and Rocio Valencia (Canadian Association for Rights and Truth)
Saturday, March 14 at 3 pm

Saturday, March 14 at 4 pm

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October 2012 results from the 127th Assembly of the Inter-Parliamentary Union, Quebec City, page 100:

[…]Considering the following: the reports of the Committee’s on-site missions to Colombia in 2009 and 2010 refer extensively to concerns about respect for fair-trial guarantees in criminal proceedings against current and former members of Congress, who are investigated and judged in a single instance by the Supreme Court, and about how the investigation and proceedings are handled in practice; with regard to the testimony of demobilized paramilitaries, the 2010 mission concluded, "such testimonies, however useful they may be, must be treated with great caution. The credibility of those persons, who have committed atrocious abuses, cannot be taken for granted. What seems clear is that the demobilized paramilitaries have their own interest in acting in a certain manner in order to be granted the lenient sentences provided for in the Justice and Peace Act. This necessarily implies that many feel it better to speak than remain silent, even when they know little or nothing of information that might serve the cause of justice"[1]

July the 5th 2012, Colombia’s Supreme Court of Justice sent Luis Fernando Almario, father of the artist, to preventive custody as a result of accusations launched by demobilized members of the paramilitary group AUC. After a 32-month wait, hearings have been set for February 2015.

Almario has elected to present five out of the 23 false witnesses assembled against his father. Their portraits are presented as photographic mosaics composed of 4,800 manually arranged photographs. These large-scale works are installed in accordance with the dimensions of his fathers’ cell. For the duration of the exhibition, the ‘order machine’ deconstructs the five portraits.


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Paolo Almario

Based in Chicoutimi (Quebec) since 2011, Colombian-born artist Paolo Almario received a degree from the Faculty of Architecture and Design at the University of Los Andes (Bogotá, Colombia). In 2014, he completed a Master's degree in arts at the Université du Québec à Chicoutimi (UQAC). His works have been exhibited in Canada, Colombia, Italy, Belgium and France. In addition to his artistic activity, Paolo is currently a lecturer in UQAC’s “arts et lettres” department, where he has been teaching digital arts since 2014.