HIDDEN LABORATORY_Pixel Pornographique

© Y. Tremblay, 2011

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© Y. Tremblay, 2011

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HIDDEN LABORATORY_Pixel Pornographique

February – April 2012

Artist talk
April 5, 2012 at 5:30 pm

Winner of the Ateliers studios Saguenay-Montréal production/residency grant (digital arts and new media) for artists from Ville de Saguenay and the island of Montreal.

A collaboration between the arts councils (CALQ, CAM, CAS), in partnership with OBORO and ESPACE VIRTUEL.

HIDDEN LABORATORY is an experimental project that activates the poetic notion of pornographic pixel. Artist Yves Tremblay will be making a series of 2D/3D transfers of censorship processes through pixelization. The focus of these transfers will be the artist himself, his artwork and various types of venues. Among possible experiments to take place in his HIDDEN LABORATORY: animations, still projections and other interactive uses.

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Yves Tremblay

A founding member of Les Ateliers ToutTout, the only production centre exclusively dedicated to Saguenay artists, and of Insertion, a group known for its interventions in “real contexts,” Yves Tremblay has taken part in numerous solo and group exhibitions, nationally and internationally, since the beginning of the 1980s.